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Academic Events
  • Topic : Angiogenesis in Disease [New]
    Speaker :Yihai Cao,Ph.D.
    Dec.12.2015 9:00-10:30am
  • Topic : Mechanism of retinal progenitor/stem cell differentiation
    Speaker :Menggqing Xiang
    July. 7,2015 4:30~5:30pm
  • Topic : Clinical Trial design
    Speaker :Pingyan chen, Director
    Nov.12.2015 4:30pm
  • Topic : Function of ubiquitin and its role in age-related macular degeneration
    Speaker :Fu Shang
    Sep. 1,2015 4:30~5:30pm
  • Topic : Junctional Adhesion Molecule-C (JAM-C) affects phototreceptor development via VEGFRs
    Speaker :Rong Ju
    Aug. 4,2015 4:30~5:30pm
  • Topic : To study the molecular mechanisms of the retinal morphogenesis
    Speaker :Shuyi Chen
    July. 7,2015 4:30~5:30pm
Principle Investigator s Symposium
  • Topic : Vascular diseases of the ocular fundus- basic and clinical research
    Speaker :XiaoYan Ding
    Jun. 17,2015 6:00pm
  • Topic : Big data and Precision Medical
    Speaker :Zhi Xie
    May. 27,2015 6:00pm
  • Topic : Heterochromatin regulation and oxidative stress-induced RPE cell damage
    Speaker :LiLi Gong
    Jul. 29,2015 6:00pm
  • Topic : Studies of the mechanisms underlying inherited and sporadic eye diseases
    Speaker :YuMing Wang
    Jul. 8,2015 6:00pm
  • Topic : Studies in Angiogenesis: What molecules are involved and how do we study them?
    Speaker :Rong Ju
    Jun. 17,2015 6:00pm
  • Topic : The study of Eye Immunology
    Speaker :Lai Wei
    May. 27,2015 6:00pm