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YiZhi Liu
YiZhi Liu

Yizhi Liu has served as director of the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University since Feb 2012. He has been elected to the standing committee member of Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) and Chairman of Ophthalmology Association of Guangdong Province, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Molecular Vision and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Current Molecular Medicine. 

54 South Xianlie Road, Guangzhou, China

Clinical and Basical Research:
Yizhi Liu has been admitted as the chief scientist with his research project granted by the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), and has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers to date in international scientific journals such as Nature, Proc Natl Acad Sci and OPHTHALMOLOGY. 

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Research Projects

Yizhi Liu is focusing on the regulatory mechanisms of ocular stem cells activation, proliferation and differentiation during the process of eye development and regeneration, as well as exploring their potential in the repair of damaged eye tissues and treatment of blinding disease.

Selected recent publications

1. WNT7A and PAX6 define corneal epithelium homeostasis and pathogenesis. 2014. Ouyang H, Xue Y, Lin Y, Zhang X, Xi L, Patel S, Cai H, Luo J, Zhang M, Zhang M, Yang Y, Li G, Li H, Jiang W, Yeh E, Lin J, Pei M, Zhu J,Cao G, Zhang L, Yu B, Chen S, Fu XD, Liu Y*, Zhang K. Nature.
2. Sumoylation differentially regulates Sp1 to control cell differentiation. 2014. Gong L, Ji WK, Hu XH, Hu WF, Tang XC, Huang ZX, Li L, Liu M, Xiang SH, Wu E, Woodward Z, Liu YZ*, Nguyen QD, Li DW. Proc Natl Acad Sci.
3. The epigenetic modifier trichostatin A, a histone deacetylase inhibitor, suppresses proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of lens epithelial cells. 2013. Chen X, Xiao W, Chen W, Luo L, Ye S, Liu Y*. Cell Death Dis.
4. Effectiveness of a short message reminder in increasing compliance with pediatric cataract treatment: a randomized trial.2012. Lin H, Chen W, Luo L, Congdon N, Zhang X, Zhong X, Liu Z, Chen W, Wu C, Zheng D, Deng D, Ye S, Lin Z, Zou X, Liu Y*. Ophthalmology.
5. Clinical evaluation of three incision size-dependent phacoemulsification systems. 2012. Luo L, Lin H, He M, Congdon N, Yang Y, Liu Y*. Am J Ophthalmol.
6. In-the-bag intraocular lens placement via secondary capsulorhexis with radiofrequency diathermy in pediatric aphakic eyes.2013. Luo L, Lin H, Chen W, Wang C, Zhang X, Tang X, Liu J, Congdon N, Chen J, Lin Z, Liu Y*.PLoS One.
7. Proteomic analysis of regenerated rabbit lenses reveal crystallin expression characteristic of adult rabbits. 2008. Liu X, Zhang M, Liu Y, Challa P, Gonzalez P, Liu Y*. Mol Vis.
8. A comparative study of non-chopping rotation and axial rotation versus quick chop phacoemulsification techniques. 2009. Zeng M, Liu X, Zhang X, Xia Y, Liu Y, Yuan Z, Liu Y*. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging.