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The Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC)

    In 1835, Peter Parker (1804–1888), a Yale graduate, missionary and physician, established the first Western hospital in China, the Ophthalmic Hospital in Canton (Guangzhou now). Since then, the Ophthalmic Hospital in Canton has become the largest eye hospital in China. A national leader in ophthalmology and an internationally renowned comprehensive ophthalmic center, ZOC encompasses patient care,basic, clinical, and translational research and offers many educational programs. ZOC has more than 200 full-time doctors. In 2014, ZOC treated over 880,000 outpatients and performed more than 50,000 surgeries. With its fast growth and development in recent years, it is now one of the most prestigious ophthalmic centers in the world. Prof. Yizhi Liu is the Director of ZOC.

The State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology (SKLO) at ZOC

    Due to the strong eye care and research at ZOC, a Laboratory of Ophthalmic supported by the Chinese Health Ministry was established in ZOC in 1991, which evolved into the current State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology (SKLO) supported by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. SKLO is the only one of its kind in China and constitutes a major part of ZOC. In recent years, SKLO has launched an ambitious program to recruit high-level biomedical researchers worldwide. SKLO has thus far recruited seven leading experts of the “1000-plan” program of Chinese government, and has more than 130 full-time professors. Currently, major research directions of SKLO include stem cell and developmental biology, vascular and tumor biology, genetics and gene therapy, neuroscience and immunology, etc. SKLO is the largest eye research institute in Asia. With the new SKLO campus in the heart of Guangzhou in place, ZOC/SKLO will become the largest eye center in the world. Prof. Yizhi Liu is the Director, and Prof. Xuri Li is the Scientific Director of SKLO.

International Activities

    ZOC/SKLO is the permanent headquarter of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology. ZOC/SKLO is currently establishing an Asia-Pacific Vascular Biology Organization (APVBO), which will launch its first annual conference in Guangzhou soon. In 1985, ZOC started the first international conference of ophthalmology in China. In 2014, ZOC/SKLO organized the first Nature conference in China in Guangzhou. Moreover, ZOC/SKLO has a long-time collaborative relationship with many international organizations, such as WHO, Johns Hopkins and NIH/NEI.     ZOC/SKLO strives to build and strengthen a world-class institute to provide best patient care and to conduct cutting-edge innovative biomedical research, and ardently embraces scientific excellence worldwide to join and work at ZOC/SKLO.