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The Core Facility and Open Laboratory of SKLO

    The core facility/open laboratory of ZOC/SKLO provides laboratory space, equipment and technical services to ZOC/SKLO and the nation’s researchers for vision research. It covers an area of about 750 square meters in the old ZOC/SKLO campus and about 1400 square meters in the new campus. It includes cell culture rooms and core facilities of flow cytometry, biological imaging systems, pathology core and mass spectrometry, etc. The core facility/open laboratory also provides training programs to graduate students and investigators at ZOC/SKLO. Major equipment includes: BD FACSAria Fusion Flow Cytometer, BD LSRFortessa Multicolor Flow Cytometer, Zeiss LSM510ME Confocal Microscope, Axio Planz Imaging Fluorescent Microscope, Hitachi JEM-1400 Electronic Microscope,Bruker Esquire HCT Mass spectrometry, Nikon Digital Sight D5-Fi2 Imaging System, Lumix xMAP Multiplex, etc.


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