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The SKLO/ZOC CELL & TISSUE BANK is one of core facilities of the State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology (SKLO), Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU).

The ZOC CELL & TISSUE BANK was established in 2013 to provide service for investigators to process and store samples from patients and to use them for related research. With a total area of approximately 80 square meters, it is organized in two parts - sample storage area and sample preparation area. The sample storage area consists of 3 subareas equipped with several ultra-low temperature refrigerators, liquid nitrogen containers and WANGE system software (including software for sample information management and temperature monitoring). The sample preparation area is composed of blood sample processing area, frozen sample processing area, cell culture area and RNA/DNA extraction area, and is equipped with nucleic acid isolation machines, sample homogenizers, biosafety cabinets and ultra centrifuges.

The SKLO/ZOC CELL & TISSUE BANK operates under standard operating procedures and quality control process in accordance with the criteria of the state biobank. It’s anticipated to collect 3000 tissue samples of different diseases, such as trabecular meshwork excised during glaucoma surgeries, lens epithelia peeled during cateract surgery, eye tumor tissues, etc. The goal is to supply samples for eye disease research and to promote the development of ophthalmology and visual science.